Niks (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Founded by Mr. Poolsap Hungsakul and Mrs. Pattama Hungsakul in April 1985, Niks (Thailand) Co.,Ltd. has been the sole distributor of world-renowned photographic brands in Thailand. Currently, our company is Nikon Authorized Dealer and Service Center. In addition, we are the distributor of many leading photographic brands such as Pelican, Lexar, Roundshot, Linhof, Mamiya, etc.

Our History

Initiating by establishing the shop trading cameras of all types most of which were Nikon and Leica, Mr. Poolsap and Mrs. Pattama Hungsakul became well recognition in Thailand's photography industry. Consequently, the success of business of both founders attracted the attention of Nippon Kogaku (the former name of Nikon Corporation) in Japan. With no time needed, the firm of this energetic young couple was then authorized to represent as Nikon Distributor in Thailand in 1985. Niks (Thailand), therefore, can be said to be the first to make Nikon trademark become recognized in the Thai market.

As the company grew, it subsequently expanded to other world-renowned brands such as Mamiya, Rollei, Linhof, Roundshot, Tamron, Lexar, Pelican, Quantum, DryCabi, etc. Since then, the company has achieved a considerable growth with its subsidiary companies and dealers being established throughout Thailand. Operating a policy of sincerity in doing business to provide high quality products and ensure highest benefits and satisfaction of its customers, Niks (Thailand) has won wide acceptance and remarkable success in today's photography market in Thailand.

During our 26 years of Nikon distributorship, the photography industry has grown substantially and continuously. In 2011, Nikon decided to establish the subsidiary in Thailand, effectively ending the distributorship with Niks in March 2011. Currently, Niks (Thailand) continues to work closely with Nikon Sales (Thailand) as Nikon Authorized Dealer and Service Center.

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